Chakra Yogi

Chakra Yogi Yoga

This small group semi private “attention to detail” Chakra Yogi 12 week course is designed to find the equilibrium of inner peace and outer perfection.

Chakra Yogi Yoga

is a course that covers both physical and mental energy flow through moves, sequences and the chakra energies system.  chakra yogi

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Yogi, Chakra Yogi Yoga will not only strengthen your core and your body but it really adds to your flexibility and body control.

Your chakras are powerhouses of energy. Learn how your body can tap into these energy flows to reward you with better health, an advanced progressive self awareness and a peaceful happier attitude towards your life and those around you.  Discovering these exciting energy flows, I believe can assist in greater self control mentally and physically along with assisting in subtle self healing, body correcting and a detoxifying of detrimental previously learned bad habits in the body.

Each week we cover a different chakra and its connection to physical wellbeing and fitness.  We build on these practices over time to build your own personal repertoire tailored to your lifestyle needs and goals while continuously exploring the mind body connection.

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