Pilatissimo - Pilates Terra Firma

Monday 1pm - 2pm (60mins)

4 session course once-a-week £60 for the 4 weeks

(Course Starts: 16th July 2018)

Walk tall with a rock solid pilates program once a week for 4 weeks.  Designed to strengthen your core and challenge your abdominals. Innovative standing abdominal work to ease the stress on your lower back while delivering exercises that not only strengthen your lower back but lengthen your posture and have you walking tall.

Terra Firma Pilates "Pilatissimo" is great for absolute beginners and experienced pro's as these semi private small group lessons are tailored to the individuals participating in class and cover your own goals and personal development over the 4 week course program.

If you miss a class don't worry as you can take a make up class another day within the 4 week program.

This course will cover work out ideas and practices to help support healthy progress and development along side a well balanced physical program that covers physical therapy strengthening, in particular areas of body weaknesses along side holistic improved flexibility, muscle control, toning and firming.



4 Week Summer Courses 2018

LOCATION: 339 Euston Road NW1 3AD